TEAS Best Time to Drink Tea; You Should Have Based On Time Of The Day

Let’s learn the best time to drink tea especially your favorite blends and flavors.

Camellia Sinensis is a magical plant. From the same leaves, we get 4 different types of tea – black, green, white and oolong – which taste drastically different from each other. Among these varieties too, the flavor and taste differ from season to season or from region to region. To top all this, Navvayd has come up with numerous blends that enhance the traditional taste and flavor of these teas and increase their health values. 

We also create tisanes, which are blended by drying herbs, flowers, berries, fruits, spices, barks etc and brewed with water to form decoctions that are high on the health quotient.

Best Time to Drink Tea for Tea Drinkers 

around the world are spoilt for options! Have you ever wondered which tea you should ideally drink at which point of time in the day? Don’t be confused! We have created a master-index of types of tea based on the time of the day in which they should be taken.

Best Tea to Have in Morning

Studies have shown that it is best to avoid highly caffeinated drinks in the morning. This is because caffeine stimulates the production of acid in the stomach. So we suggest that you go for a delicate and fragrant cup of white tea. The best option, however, is Silver Needles White Tea. This rare and exotic variety of white tea has a savory aroma, woodsy flavor, and lingering sweetness.

Another great option in the morning is a cup of green tea with ginger, lemon, and honey. Those that are suffering from diabetes or PCOS may also want to go for green tea with cinnamon. Try Navvayd’s Cinnamon Delight Green Tea! Tisanes are also good for the morning cuppa because they contain zero caffeine.

Some of you may be addicted to a cup of strong black tea in the morning! Try our English Breakfast Black Tea which should be ideally taken with milk and sugar along with your breakfast.

Mid Morning

A cup of tea and some low-calorie snack around noon boost your body’s metabolism! Have a cup Tulsi Green Tea or Rose Green Tea with a fruit or a cup of pure Darjeeling Oolong Tea with a few dried nuts.


For those who want to avoid a siesta in the afternoon, a cup of black tea with lunch is an ideal option. The strong flavor of black tea is also great with a heavy meal and it cuts through the greasiness and spiciness of the food. Try our Vanilla Black Tea. A glass of chilled Iced Tea with some crushed ice is a refreshing companion with your office lunch.


This is the time for flavorful Darjeeling brews. Tea puritans should go for pure classic Darjeeling Black Tea without milk or sugar. If you prefer the woody, muscatel flavor of the second flush Darjeeling Tea, order our Goomtee Summer Chinary Black Tea that has a strong fruity flavor along with subtle oak wood undertone. Sip on a cup of dark amber colored Jungapana Summer Muscatel Black Tea during the evening! Lopchu Golden Orange Pekoe Black Tea is a soulful cup that combines a fruity and earthy taste. If you prefer Assam tea in the evening, you can go for Earl Grey Black Tea – the best accompaniment of English snacks like cucumber sandwiches and ginger cakes. Those with ‘desi’ taste-buds choose from Punjabi Masala Chai, Spicy Tadka Chai, Kadak Gold Chai or the Bombay Cutting Chai to accompany your plate of pakodas on a rainy evening.

Best Tea to Drink at Night

Your nightly cuppa should contain zero to very low caffeine as caffeine has a tendency to meddle with sleep. Tisanes like pure Chamomile Tea are the best options. A post-dinner cup of green tea is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants which boosts metabolism and aids in better digestion. Enjoy the best of both by ordering our Chamomile Green Tea. Chamomile has stress-relieving properties that induce sleep.

Those who have an issue with digestion can go for our Healthy Digestion Tea enriched with organic chamomile, peppermint, cinnamon, and Darjeeling green tea! Our Tulsi Herbal Sleep Tea is a unique mix of herbs like tulsi, chamomile, ashwagandha, lavender, and cardamom.

What type of tea you should drink and when that depends completely on your personal choice. Yet there are a few things like caffeine content, taste, etc that make a few types of tea more likable at certain times of the day. We, at Navvayd, can make recommendations depending on these factors. The choice, ultimately, is yours!