TEAS Loose Tea vs Bags – To choose between Loose Leaf & Teas Powder

There is a lot of talk about what to choose, Loose Tea vs Bags & why the tea bags are not better than leaf teas (such as whole leaf teas and loose leaf teas).

Loose Tea vs Bags

Here in this article as per your request where we will tell why Loose leaf teas are better.


It means that the tea is primarily made up of whole, unbroken tea leaves. These leaves from the topmost part of the plucked leaves and have the most aromatic and flavourful cups. These teas are considered the best because while brewing you can see the leaves and tell about the teas freshness, quality, brewing process, etc. Such teas are consumed and enjoyed during tea drinking rituals.

Tea leaves once brewed are looked on for their infusions; every type of tea has its own literature for good infusion. We will inform about various tea infusions in our later posts.

Loose leaf tea brewing is an art and the best way to consume tea.


Teabags or sachets are normally made exactly from the opposite, broke lower grades of teas such as fannings and dust. Dust and fannings are smaller pieces of tea leaves which were broken from the larger leaves while processing and grading of the teas.

Teabags generally are made up of paper – cloth type material with a string and company tag attached. The bag does not have much so smaller tea grades are put in it so that they just brew and not expand much.

If loose tea leaves are put in the bags then the leaves will break. But, nowadays with innovations, nylon pyramid teabags have come in the market where there is a lot more room for the loose tea leaves of higher grades to be put in and brewed as there is a larger area to expand for the brewed leaves. Still, the teas do not taste the same as a loosely brewed tea.

The pyramid tea bags are also very costly to manufacture because of the material and its size. It’s almost 4 times more costly than traditional tea bags.

Teabags are generally used by people who are not in a condition to using all the materials to brew the tea and by those who do not have time. Good tea drinking has no second method apart from the original loose tea leaf brewing style.

Teabags though just give you a hint of the taste of the tea but have always been not a very good experience, while loose leaf tea brewing has always been the way for the tea lovers. Therefore hands down loose leaf teas beat tea bags style of tea brewing any time of day 24*7*365. Cheers!